Fosteringnook: The Offline Coach

My hope is that this blog will serve as an offline coach for those who want to invest in their personal growth and for various reasons do not want to engage in a formal coaching process and / or a development program.

The purpose of various articles posted in this blog is to enable self level work. My intention is that these articles serve to:

  • Enable reflection
  • Help perspective building
  • Provide ‘food for thought’ to make changes in one’s life
  • Provide direction for additional resources

50 articles were posted between November 2013 and June 2014.

I would recommend that you read the following posts if you are a first time visitor to this blog:

You can choose to contact me through the blog or email if you need additional information on any specific area.

My coaching process is woven with mentoring and some amount of counseling. There are times when the individual working on personal growth needs each of these and I switch hats, if required.

The process commences with a focus to increase self-awareness. This is enabled through:

  • Facilitating introspection
  • Enabling self-disclosure that furthers growth
  • Raising provocative questions that shifts mindset boundaries
  • Holding a mirror to enable the individual to connect with the inner self
  • Sharing perspectives
  • Providing feedback in the here and now
  • Being a co-traveler in the journey
  • Pointing to additional resources that could help

The blog is meant to help people to commence the journey. It would be worthwhile to seek the help of a coach or mentor during the journey. The coach / mentor could be someone in your network or a professional coach.

Here’s wishing you the very best in your personal growth journey and to the discoveries that you make.


I would appreciate your comments. Thank you for your time and energy.

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