Fosteringnook: The Offline Coach

My name is Mohan Bangaruswamy. Over the past two decades, I have served as a coach and mentor to various individuals from different walks of life. There were significant patterns in the themes that emerged in the discussions with various individuals.

A few years ago, I created a blog that could serve as a self-help resource for people who wanted to invest in themselves and did not want formal coaching. These articles, 50 in number, were based on the themes that emerged in various coaching sessions.

The articles in the blog are on:

  1. Money (In the section on ‘Money’)
  2. Relationships (In the sections on ‘Relationships’ and ‘Growing as a Person’)
  3. Finding wholesomeness in the context of uncertainty (In the sections on ‘Feeling Wholesome’ and ‘Growing as a Person’)
  4. Making choices that are relevant for self (In the sections on ‘Feeling Wholesome’ and ‘Growing as a Person’)
  5. Increasing levels of mental and emotional energy (In the sections on ‘Feeling Wholesome’ and ‘Growing as a Person’)

In the current context, many people are experiencing stress of various nature. Some of these are:

  1. Finance related: Employees, Independent Professionals, Founders of early-stage businesses and Heads of mature ‘Small & Medium Sized’ businesses are facing uncertainty in their income.
  2. Some of the stress has resulted in friction in personal relationships in the family.
  3. Their inability to cope with mental and emotional challenges that have arisen from the current context has resulted in further challenges in making decisions.
  4. Fear of the unknown and wondering if one can navigate through the situation.
  5. Feeling of ‘having no choice’ and having to live with unhappiness.

Many articles in the blog address these areas. I believe that a single insight from a relevant article could make a difference to a person in these uncertain times.

There are articles in other areas:

A. Streamlining Life

B. Food-for-Thought: These are exercises to enable you to reflect

I would recommend that you read the following posts if you are a first time visitor to this blog:

You  can choose to contact me through my email if you need additional information on any specific area.

My profile can be accessed at:

Here’s wishing you the very best in your personal growth journey and to the discoveries that you make.

I would appreciate your comments. Thank you for your time and energy.

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